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U.S. Postal Service Saturday Letter Delivery Ends in August



ARDMORE, OK-- After 150-years , starting in August, the Post Office will no longer deliver letters on Saturdays. Some local residents voiced their opinions on what they thought about the changes.

"well, I think they shouldn't do that because it's a necessity for everybody to get their mail six days a week,"  Resident Revere Franklin said.

Postal officials said it's because demands have been shrinking for years.

"We have a 14 percent growth in our package service, but our regular mail volume has continued to decline and so we no longer have sufficient volume to sustain delivering letters during the week, or for six days," USPS Spokesperson Dionne Montague said.

Officials said the main goal is to help stop a growing financial crisis. The Postal service reported an annual loss of a record $15.9 billion last year,  with more loses expected this year.

"By implementing a 5 day mail and 6 day package delivery schedule, the postal service will save approximately 2 billion dollars annually," Montague said.

According to officials the U.S. Postal Service was loosing about 25-million dollars every day.

The Postal Service is in the midst of a major restructuring including reducing its career workforce by 193,000 since 2006, with more cuts expected.

"Well, our employees understand our financial situation and so they support the decision also," Montague said.

A Recent poll shows 7 in 10 Americans support the switch to 5-day delivery as a way for the Postal Service to reduce costs.