Smoky Fire Destroys Trailer Near Kingston - - No One Gets You Closer

Smoky Fire Destroys Trailer Near Kingston


MARSHALL COUNTY, OK -- A fire destroyed a trailer house, leaving two people without a home, as firefighters tried to find the source of thick smoke.

Firefighters were called to Skyline Circle around 11 a.m., where they found smoke billowing from a trailer, just off Texoma Park Road and 70A.

A couple moved in recently and an electric worker just turned on the power Tuesday morning. The house was heavily damaged along with the woman's things inside.

"It looked like smoke coming out of the windows and out of the trailer and that's about it, I never saw any flames, just smoke," says witness Marilyn Standridge.

Texoma Volunteer Fire Department firefighters sprayed foam on the smoky building and Kingston also responded and put water on the fire, says Texoma chief Jere Zimmerman. No one was hurt.