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Controversy in Achille over police chief firing


ACHILLE, OK - The city council in Achille, Oklahoma is stirring up a controversy after firing the police chief on Friday for the second time in the last few years.

This is not unfamiliar territory for Chief Eric Shane Guhl, being his second time on the chopping block.

In a special meeting held by 3 council members on Friday, not including the mayor, who was out of town, Guhl was fired.

Tuesday he told us they still haven't told him why, but after first refusing comment, a council member decided to fill us in.

Achille's Police force is quickly disappearing, after the city council fired Chief Eric Shane Guhl on Friday.

"I've been with Chief Guhl for a while, we're not only friends, but we've been partners for a while, I think he was unjustly fired."

Former Captain, Allen Golden, tells us he and four other reserve officers quickly resigned when they heard the news, and as residents start to find out, some of them have very strong opinions about the council's decision.

"I think it is a very personal vendetta against him, and I think it has been for a long time."

"Yes I think it's very personal with these council members."

But council member, Billie Hughes, say it's not personal at all.

"Achille is broke, we don't have the money for what he wants to spend," said Hughes.

This department that's now down to just 2 officers may soon be even smaller, we're told the interim chief had already given his resignation about a week ago, meaning Achille could be down to just one officer by next week, a thought that concerns some residents.

"My daughter has got MS, she's on a walker, she's a real bad diabetic and she lives by herself, and Shane always watched her house when he came by and he told his other officers to watch too," said long time resident, Barbara Beshires.

While the council hasn't said anything negative about Guhl's job performance, they say it just comes down to money.

 "I know the Chief is going to continue with his law enforcement career and do good for himself and I wish the best for the city of Achille but until the citizens get together and vote in a council that will listen to them, they're going to keep getting the same results," said Golden.

Chief Guhl tells us he's supposed to meet with the mayor tomorrow, and the council won't say much about their plans for replacing him.