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UPDATE: Social media helps bring new beds to homeless shelter


DENISON -- People in need of the Grayson County Shelter should soon find their stay a little more comfortable.

The shelter now has 18 brand new sets of bunk beds.

The Denison Fire Department helped unload the beds Monday afternoon.

They were paid for by donations from a number of local businesses in Denison.

Shawna Lee with Castleberry Florida started asking friends to cover the costs last month after she saw the shelter needed new beds on Facebook.
"[I'm] so thankful to everybody who had a part in it. So thankful that our firemen could just show up and help unload the truck and bring them all into the shelter for us. It all just happened in the blink of an eye," she said.

The Grayson County Shelter is getting rid of their old wooden bunk beds. They say the new metal ones will be sturdier and safer for guests.

Right now, no one is staying at the shelter while it undergoes renovations which are expected to take about two weeks.

Social media helps bring new beds to homeless shelter
Feb. 4, 2013

DENISON -- It began with a Facebook post by the Grayson County Shelter asking if anyone had metal bunk beds in storage they'd like to donate.

Shawna Lee, owner of Castleberry Florist in Denison, saw the post and decided to spring into action.

"I thought, I know someone who could help up get this done," she said.

That someone was John Gaylord with Mattresses Plus More in Denison who says he found a deal online, $190 for each bunk bed.

"They are real nice bunk beds and I think they'll do real nice at the shelter," Gaylord said.

From there, Lee says the project began to blossom. The more people she asked to buy a bunk bed, the longer the list of donations grew.

The goal, she says, is to get 18 new bunk beds to replace old wooden bunks at the shelter.

"We have older wooden beds. A lot of them are very rickety and the metal beds will be a lot more durable," shelter director Ashley Earls said.

In just two weeks, Lee says she's she almost reached her goal and as any florist would, has already decided on the color.

"We've got to get red! They're only there temporarily. So, they're going to have a bright red bunk bed to go to," Lee said.

She says she credits friends and fellow Denison business owners for being open to her idea, which proves the power of social media and what can happen when one person plants a seed to help.


"My heart just swells," Lee said. "I'm so happy to be able to do this. I think it's needed and I think it's just one little thing that I can pay it forward."