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Waterloo Pool is Making Plans to Expand


DENISON, TX -- Waterloo pool in Denison is a favorite place for many across the Texoma area. After almost being closed down a few years ago, the community's support has really helped the pool not only stay open but now look into expansion.

Back in 2011 when the Denison City Council was facing budget cuts, Waterloo pool was endangered of closing down. Instead though the city added a volunteer fee to citizen's water bill.

"The City Council voted to have an extra five dollars put on people's water bill if they chose to, to support the pool, to support the youth and the community" says Betty Bridges, Waterloo Pool Manager.

The community came through on this and now there's enough money to talk about expanding.

"We are going to the City Council tonight to ask them to contract with an architect to design a building and come up with a complete structure to have an air conditioned or climate-controlled space here at Waterloo pool," explains Bridges.

The room would be off to the side of the pool, most likely in the area now enclosed with a white fence.

"One of the draw backs for an indoor pool with little ventilation would be the parents sitting out on deck and its really hot so if we had an enclosed air-conditioned building then we would get so many more kids," thinks Liz Crawford, a Waterloo Pool Lifeguard.

"If you are not in the water it does get a little warm during the summer so we can have a space where you can sit and be comfortable and watch your children swimming," says Bridges.

A concession stand would be placed in the room as well for the convenience of the parents and the swimmers.

"It would just benefit the pool in so many ways," says Crawford.

The pool is also expanding its programs.

"We are beginning a U.S.A swimming team and U.S.A swimming is where the Olympic swimmers come from, it's the largest swimming organization in the U.S. So we are being able to stay open and we are starting to work on improvements," says Bridges.