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Ardmore Businesses Welcome Hometown Customers


The Chamber of Commerce of Ardmore is preparing to celebrate 100 years in the city and the bright future of Ardmore  commerce and businesses.

The chamber says Ardmore is only getting better.

The chamber tells us Ardmore businesses have a lot to offer and business owners couldn't agree more..

"It's a concentrated area of merchants and restaurants and a lot of other things that are available to the Ardmore community so if you come down here and shop around and eat at the many restaurants, you will find that there are many things down here" according to Daniel Romo of Casa Romo.

Merchants say when people shop in their home town, they're not only helping the local economy, but they get personal attention you won't find anywhere else.

"We have wonderful businesses, we have wonderful restaurants and we offer something more than what you can get at a big department store or a discount store we offer personal help" say Stephanie Baker of Stephanie's Beautique.

Shoppers say there's several different choices on Main Street and the one thing they all have in common is good service.