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Randy Travis Pleads Guilty to Driving While Intoxicated


SHERMAN, TX--- Country music star Randy Travis appeared at the Grayson County Courthouse this afternoon where he pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated.

Shortly after, dozens of people gathered outside the courthouse anxiously waiting for Randy Travis' exit. About 45 minutes after court wrapped up, he left the courthouse, making a B-line to his car and giving the crowds a brief thank you.

"First, I'll say thanks for the courtesy of the court here today," Travis said. "And, to the two patrolmen, I'll say thanks to them for obviously taking care of me that night. I met them today for the first time. And thanks also for the concern and the words of encouragement across the country as we continue to travel. I'm looking forward to getting on with the year and playing some music."

Thursday's guilty plea ends the drunken driving case that began last August when Travis was accused of crashing his Pontiac Trans-Am while driving naked in Tioga, Texas. Troopers say they determined Travis was drunk and transported him to a local hospital.

There, his blood was tested before he was taken to jail. The next morning, Travis walked out of the jail wearing a baseball cap, scrubs and no shoes. His blood alcohol level from that night came back as a 0.21. Travis was charged with a class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

Thursday afternoon, as part of a plea agreement, he was sentenced to 2 years probation and a $2,000 fine. As part of his probation, he has to complete 100 hours of community service and serve at least 30 days at an inpatient alcohol treatment facility. If he violates his probation order, he will face 180 days in jail.

Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown says Travis' punishment is appropriate considering the circumstances.

"First-time DWI defendants are rarely forced into in-patient treatment. He will be unable to leave the facility for 30 days. His fine and community service requirements are more than double what is usually received, and his probation term is the maximum available, and longer than the usual 18 months," Brown said. "All of that is appropriate in light of his behavior with the officers."