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Oklahoma Flu Death Rates Rise


CARTER COUNTY, OK-- The Department of health said there are new deaths were reported in Oklahoma, Stephens and Tulsa counties. However in Carter County, things seem to be slowing down. 

"The number of phone calls that we've had regarding the flu has decreased. The number of people coming in to vaccinations has also decreased as well," Kristi Inselman, Carter Co. Coordinating Nurse.

Officials said in addition to the calls slowing down, they now have plenty of shots.

"We have about fifty adult vaccines as well as approximately fifty children vaccines as well," Inselman said.

The Health Department said those 65 and older have been hit hardest by the flu. Twelve of the state's seventeen deaths happened to people older than 65. One local resident said his grandmother caught a bad case of the flu.

"She had all the symptoms of a stroke victim, that's how bad it got. It was pretty bad," Carter County Resident, Lane Stahlbusch said.

Despite his grandmother getting the flu, he  said he's not worried about getting the flu.

"Honestly I haven't because I haven't had it. I haven't even had the vaccination in over two years," Stahlbusch said.

Tulsa county has reported the highest number of deaths this season, at four. Comanche county has reported three deaths, while Oklahoma and Pittsburgh counties each reported two deaths.

"Across the state there's been 17 deaths, but here in carter county there's been none," Inselman said.