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Denison Schools get Restocked on Supplies Thanks to Donations


DENISON, TX -- This evening students and teachers in Denison have something to be thankful for, a restock in school supplies to get through the end of the school year.

The Educational Awareness Committee of Denison has been collecting school supplies for most of the month, in the hopes of restocking schools with supplies for the rest of the year.

"Everybody really focuses on the back to school needs in the fall and yet there is a really big need mid-term too so our Education Committee of the Chamber here decided six years ago that we should take this on as a project," explains Anna McKinney from Denison Area Chamber of Commerce.

The project was a success again this year as donations were made from all over the community.

Items that were donated include notebook paper, crayons, folders, and even clothing items like T-shirts and sweat pants in case kids need a change of clothes during the school day.

"My school in particular Terrell, we have a lot of needs there. The clothes given out there today as well as the school supplies and everything; so all of it is going to be put to great use," says Dr. David Kirkbride Principal of Terrell Elementary.

About five thousand dollars worth of donations were made.

"We are very thankful for the items that came from the Chamber of Commerce today. We are in need of these items particularly after the Christmas holidays when kids have used up the supplies that their parents have gotten (them)," says Mr. Alvis Dunlap Principal of B. McDaniel Middle School.

All the principals were thankful for the Chamber and the local community.

"It's great to live here in Denison where there is a community that is so supportive of what the schools are trying to do, it just makes it a great place to be," says Dr. Kirkbride.