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Paris Family Mourns 2-Year-Old Strangling Victim's Death


PARIS, TX--- A two-year-old Paris child, found unconscious last week behind his home, died from his injuries early Wednesday morning. Last Thursday, Da'Karius Reed had been playing outside with his pitbull when the dog's leash wrapped around his neck, strangling him.

Reed's young mother says she is mourning the loss of her son and  that she's leaning on her faith and family to get her through these tragic times. Tonight, she shared stories of life.

"Da'Karius is a two-year-old baby boy who loved to play football, play with toys and just loved to do everything. He was just a very outgoing baby," Milton said.

But, also shared stories of loss.

"I don't know what to do but God is going to help me know what to do. It's hard on me, sometimes I try to hold up for my baby but, sometimes I break down and I can't help it," Milton said.

She says it's been hard mourning over the death of her young son who was taken away from her and her family too soon.

"I'm sleepless. I can't sleep at night knowing that I don't have my son with me to wake up to every morning," Milton said.

"It's hard but we have a strong family and we're going to get through this because we know God doesn't make any mistakes. He's always been our angel and he will always be our angel," Reed's grandmother Rochelle Sams said.

Last Thursday, Milton says her son slipped outside to play with his dog.

"He was just outside playing with the puppy and he happened to get tangled up in the dog's rope and he wasn't getting any oxygen," Milton said.

"The child was transported to the local hospital here and then taken by EMS to a Dallas hospital," Paris Police Officer Curtis Garrett said.

The Dallas County Medical Examiners office says the child later died Wednesday morning.  Reed's family says they'll never understand why the toddler's life was cut short but, but they say one thing is helping them cope.

"I have a lot of faith in God and I believe in God. I know he makes no mistakes. Yes, it does help me to know he's in a better place but I still wish I had my son," Milton said.

"All of us are hurting but we know we're going to get through this, it's just a storm," Sams said.

Paris Police say they are still investigating this incident. So far, Milton says there is no funeral or memorial scheduled for her son.