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Thieves Take Shingles From Atoka Store


ATOKA, OK -- Managers at one store are tallying their losses after a group of thieves broke in,  but the burglars did not just take merchandise, using the store's own vehicles to help make their getaway.

Police say the thieves drove two of the store's own trucks into the fence over a six-hour period of stealing, and one of them got through. Now some of the missing items have been found more than 100 miles away.

Owners at the store say thieves used the store's very own forklifts and trucks to take from their business. "The truck that they stole was already loaded with material for building a house, but they unloaded that material and loaded shingles instead," says employee Kevin Feuerhelm.

camera video taken late Saturday night shows at least four people walking around at Wyrick Lumber Company in the middle of night. Police say they made off with more than 400 bundles of shingles from behind the store on West 13th Street.

"They cut a fence on the other area of the business on the south side of the business and did make an exit there," says Atoka police Assistant Chief Mark Rains.

The owner says the video shows the thieves spent about six hours in the yard, and then they drove out with the pallets of roof shingles in one of his trucks, and they tried to take a second truck, but it got stuck. "This truck became disabled as a result of a ditch on the other side of that fence," says Rains.

The fence has now been patched up where the truck went through. "It's mind boggling to me. They were professionals, they knew what they were doing because they took the forklifts, cross wired them, the trucks they hot wired the trucks," says customer Mike Duff.

The most pricey item the thieves got was the truck itself. Rains says that after listing it as stolen, Atoka police got a call from Dallas on Tuesday, where they say an officer made a discovery in the parking lot of a warehouse. "The truck was located by the Dallas Police Department in Dallas with the forklift, but less the shingles," says Rains.

Store employees say the truck is already back in use making deliveries. Police say the store lost about $13,000 worth of shingles, plus the damages to their vehicles that were broken into.