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Man shoots and kills neighbor's dog


RAVIA, OK - It's a tragic loss for many people when their family pet dies, but one family in Ravia, Oklahoma says their pet was violently killed by a neighbor.

There are several different versions of this very sad story, but they all end the same, with a long time family pet, dying in a boys arms....

These pictures are all the Green family has left of their dog Jake, but Jennifer Eaton-Green says she's thankful her 15 year old son, Rumor, is still alive after what happened Friday night.

"When I got there Rumor was covered in blood, and crying holding Jake," said Green.

Rumor says he was walking down the street in his neighborhood with a few of his friends.

And as they passed this house, what happened in the next few moments, he'll never forget.

"They were standing by the shed drinking, and one of them pulled a gun out and I was right here and Jake was not even a foot away from me and then they shot him," Rumor said.

"I think that somebody should be in jail, and you don't shoot firearms around children," said Green.

The man who fired the gun didn't want to talk on camera, but he told us dogs are always running into his yard and tearing up his trash.

He says that's why he shot Jake with a pellet gun.

The man who shot the dog says this is about more than just torn up trash, he says he didn't mean to kill the dog, but it's one less dog he'll have to worry about running into his yard, making him fear for his child's safety.

But witnesses we talked to say this man is lying.

They say Jake wasn't in his yard, and the man was drunk when he fired the gun.

"They not only put the dog's life in jeopardy but he put my little brother and his friends lives in jeopardy, because it was dark, and they could have easily missed," said Marcus Baxter.

But authorities say this won't be a cut and dry case.

The Green family wants justice, but what they want even more, they'll never have.

Jake back home.

Johnston County Sheriff, Jon Smith, tells us at this point they are still gathering statements from witnesses, but the D.A. will make the ultimate decision.

He says there have been some similar cases prosecuted in the past.