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Carter County Tornado Safe Room Rebate Program helps Residents


Officials with Carter County Emergency Management held a meeting about tornado safe rooms that can be built in a home in case of an emergency.

"The worst place you can be during a tornado is in your car. So as far as would I recommend this program? Yes I have one myself in my backyard," Ardmore's Emergency Management Director, Amber Wilson, said. 

The program is funded through the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.

Several people showed up for the meeting, including Sarah Coates who said she wants to get one to protect her family.

"We bought a home and we're scared of tornadoes like everybody else is so we heard about the program and came." Coates said.

Officials said residents that own property are eligible for the program but what about those who live in a mobile home?

"You don't have to have necessarily a brick home to get a safe room. If you live in a mobile home, and you own the property that the mobile home is on, we could put a storm shelter out there," Wilson said.

CCEM said there aren't any designated shelters but said there are a few volunteer shelters.  for those that do not have a safe room, they said take shelter immediately in case of a tornado warning.

"Once a tornado warning and sirens have been sounded, you really need to take shelter wherever you are. You don't need to get out on the roads and try to go from point a to point B at that point. It's just not a safe recommendation," CCEM's Coordinator, Shelly Stahlbusch, said.