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Boy Scouts of America Rethink Gay Ban


SHERMAN, TX--- Big changes could be coming for the Boys Scouts of America. For more than 100 years they have banned gay members from joining their organization, but things could be changing.

As early as next week, the organization could reverse its long standing policy against openly gay members. Gay rights groups have been campaigning for change for the last year and have collected more than 1,000 signatures asking for a policy change. However, not everyone is happy about the change.

"It's absolutely wrong. This case has been fought all the way to Supreme Court and won. My understanding is their concern is because some corporate sponsors are not giving them money and it sounds to me like we're selling our family values for money," former boy scout Johnny Waldrip.

Statements on the possible change come from the Boy Scouts of America's national office, but they say decisions on implementation would most likely be made at the local level.