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Improved Radar Technology Used for Tuesday's Storms


TEXOMA -- With the storms we had blow through Texoma Tuesday afternoon our own KTEN Sky Alert Weather team was able to put some new weather radar technology to good use.

The National Weather Service has been working on upgrading all the weather radars across the country over the last several months including radars covering the Texoma area. This new upgrade improves the radar's capability of detecting what exactly is in the atmosphere whether that would be rain, hail, snow, or even dust particles or bugs (radar can detect things like that too).

"We are excited about the upgrade to the radars being done in the area because technology can't always tell us what exactly is going on. This is going to give us a better idea. Say for example if a storm is producing just heavy rain or if may be producing hail. The upgrade to dual-pole technology is the biggest change or biggest upgrade to the Doppler radar network since it was implemented back in the early 90s," explains Rich Smith the Warning Coordination Meteorologist from the Norman National Weather Service.

Recently our Sky Alert Weather team was able to travel down to the Fort Worth National Weather Service to learn more about the radar upgrade and ask questions they had about the new technology.