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New Life House in Durant helps women stay sober


DURANT, OK - Ask anyone who's been through it and they'll tell you drug addiction is very difficult to overcome. Even more so if you have to go from rehab, right back into the same environment.

It's called new life house in Durant.

They provide a safe structured and supportive environment for women to live in while they continue to over come their addictions.

"If you're doing drugs you can't go back where there's drugs you just have to change people places and things."

That's why Lola Lopez lives here.

Lola is a recovering drug addict, and New Life House in Durant is her home.

"I was sick and tired of letting it rule my life, I mean every waking moment was trying to figure out how I was going to get some more drugs you know, and spending every penny, and I've got grand babies, and I never bought them a birthday present, it was all for drugs," Lopez said.

And Director, Suzy Hicks, knows just how Lola feels.

She was once a drug addict too.

"I always took from the community and I feel blessed to be able to give back and do something positive for our community and for other women," Hicks said.

On the outside it looks like a typical house but on the inside is where small miracles are happening every day.

Former resident, Brittani Newton, is a perfect example.

"When I first got here I was struggling a lot I didn't know whether to go back to rehab or just call it quits and just keep using, my whole world was turned upside down," Newton said.

Brittani was addicted to methamphetamine for about 5 years, and it took an overdose that almost killed her, for her to make that change.

"I was very close to death," said Newton.

She says her parents sent her to rehab, but when she got out she struggled to stay straight.

"It was very easy and at my disposal to call anybody at that point in time, I wasn't away anymore, I could just go around the street and there it was."

As she shows us her old room, she lived in for a year, she smiles thinking of how far she's come.

@"I'm very happy, for the first time in my life I can finally say that I'm comfortable in my own skin and that I feel good about myself."

"I have a new life because of the news life house," Lopez said.

New Life House helps these women with everything from getting and staying sober, to finding a job, and clearing up legal problems.

They rely on donations to keep the service going.

For more information on how you can get involved, visit the link below.