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Webcam Hackers Can Spy on You in Secret


SHERMAN, TX-- Tyler Shearer works for Geek Squad at Best Buy in Sherman and said it's not uncommon at all to see people being hacked.

"If you haven't turned your webcam on or anything and the light is on, something is watching you and you have been hacked. A lot of people don't even notice it. " Shearer said.

Shearer also said they see at least a dozen people a day who have been hacked, and receive several calls as well. So what's the best defense?

"Get a good anti virus and don't go to risky web sites," Shearer said.

 Officials said email hacks are on the rise as well.

"One of the largest scams we're seeing right now is getting an email from someone that you think you know. It will be their email address, but it will have the content of something to the effect of they're in Mexico or a different country and claim they've been robbed," Lt. Rickey Wheeler said.

Grayson county sheriff officials said it's a scam to get people to send money to con artists posing as friends and family members. So how do you prevent that from happening?

"Set up a password for your email and change it every couple months," Shearer said.