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Antlers Ex-Judge Not Guilty In Boy's Bike Death

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ANTLERS, OK -- Former Pushmataha County district judge Doyle Blythe was acquitted of all charges, after a two-day trial in which he defended himself.

Doyle was charged with manslaughter after Riley Harralson, 6, was killed when his bicycle collided with Doyle's car in 2010.

Family members of Harralson say after waiting for almost three years, they do not feel justice was done. Meanwhile, Blythe, who told jurors he did not agree with the law and charges against him, was vindicated.

"I'm thankful to the jurors, I'm still disgusted that I had to go through this," says Blythe, 75.

"I don't know why the jury voted the way that they did, but I feel justice was not served," says Harralson's grandfather Bill Derby.

Harralson's family members were upset after hearing the verdict. "There's no closure now, there's still no closure," says Derby.

"I just know that my son has not rested in peace, because his mom's not happy and I probably will have hurt forever," says mother Laura Harralson.

During closing statements, prosecutor Danita Williams argued the accident would never have happened but for the fact that Blythe was out driving that day, while Blythe countered that it only happened because Riley Harralson biked down a hill into his car.

Neighbor Nikki Bell says she had seen the boy biking down the steep church driveway in the 500 block of North High Street before. Testifying as Blythe's only witness other than himself, she says Riley Harralson was driving his sister's bike which may have had a brake problem.

"My husband and I would get onto him so many times about doing it, but he was a kid and it was a big hill and the bike would go really fast when he went down the hill," says Bell.

Now after almost three years, the case is over. "I will one day forgive him, but I will never forget," says Laura Harralson.

"I am happy that it's over," says Blythe.

Blythe was charged with manslaughter after driving with a suspended license. It had been suspended for two years after he got a speeding ticket in Chouteau. A counselor has been working with Riley Harralson's teenage sisters, one of whom witnessed the accident.