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Curbside recycling set to begin in Denison


DENISON -- Rick Groover is a soda drinker and saves his aluminum cans so he can recycle them for a little extra money.

"I drink a lot of soda so I already collect them myself and turn around and sell them," he said.

Because he recycles on his own, Groover says he has no need for the blue bin that showed up outside his Denison home this week.

None-the-less, he'll still have to pay $2 more each month for curbside recycling, a new program set up by the City of Denison.

"They've forced us on these now, which is not really fair," Groover said.

Denison city manager Robert Hanna sees recycling as a necessity if the city wants to continue to grow.

"People who move to town expect to be able to recycle. It's expected service now," Hanna said.

A pamphlet explaining what can and cannot be recycled is attached to each of the new bins, along with a schedule of pick up dates.

The city contracted with Progressive Waste Solutions to empty the bins once a week.

Hanna hopes people will participate.

"We pay more taking it to the landfill and disposing it in the landfill than we do having a recycling partner come in and recycle the material. So, it's a cost avoidance mechanism for the city and that savings gets passed on to the customer, so it really benefits everyone to recycle," he said.

Right now, Hanna says the city spends 10% of its general fund on solid waste for its residents.

Through recycling, he says the goal is to reduce that amount and use the money saved in other areas.

Groover says he could've put a bin for his trash to better use.

The city tells us it is looking into adding trash bins to its pick-up service in the long run, but that it would be much more expensive for residents than the recycling program.

Delivery of the bins lasts through Friday, February 1. Curbside service begins February 4.