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Proposed Bill Aims to Allow Liquor Sales on Sunday


SHERMAN, TX--  A Texas legislator from Houston is pushing other law makers in Austin to remove the "blue law," which keeps liquor stores closed on Sundays.

Tom Roelke owns a liquor store in Sherman and he said he supports the proposed bill.

"The customers would appreciate the opportunity to get rid of the blue law. We get calls all the time from people wanting to buy liquor on Sunday and you just can't do it," Roelke said.

Although Roelke is for the bill, not everyone agrees with him. A few local customers shared their thoughts about the proposed bill.

"I'm a church goer so I kind honor Sunday as being the Sabbath Sunday," Daniel Cervantes said.

"It doesn't effect me so either way It really doesn't matter to me," Jacob Reeves said.

According to the Texas alcoholic beverage commission, liquor stores can only stay open Monday through Saturday and must close on Sundays.

Store owner Roelke said  he wants his store to open on Sundays, but says other liquor store owners may not agree.

"There are interests in the state who do not want to have more employees on Sunday because of the labor costs and they do not want to have to open up on Sunday," Roelke said.

He also said This isn't the first time a bill like this has been proposed, and he wonders if it will pass this time. Either way he said he'll continue to support it.

"Previously I have been in contact with a representative wanting to allow Sunday liquor sales and at that time I wrote a letter in support of it," Roelke said.