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Student pulls out pocketknife at Achille classroom


ACHILLE, OK -- Police cruisers parked outside Achille High School created concern for parents like Tammy Tatar who said Facebook posts showed the school was on lockdown.

"It was scary, very scary," she said.

Three of her children attend Achille High School and the adjoining elementary school so Tatar says she came down to the school for answers but didn't get far.

"I don't know what the situation was but frustrated me was that the school system would not answer any questions. They just kept telling us everything's under control," Tartar said.

That's when she says she called our KTEN newsroom.

Achille's School Superintendent Rick Beene explained police were called after a 19-year-old student pulled out a pocketknife inside a classroom.

"He brought it out and there was one other student that saw it, witnessed it, and was good enough, and I consider those kids to be heroes for coming forward and giving us that type of information," Beene said.

The knife was taken away and Beene says the student was removed from class. He says the student will receive counseling and the discipline he receives will depend upon the outcome of a police investigation.

He says this is an example of how false rumors on social media can spread because the school was never on lockdown and that students were never in danger.

That puts parents like Tammy Tatar at ease. She says she hopes she'd be notified should something more serious happen at her children's school.

"They could've just said they had a problem with the student, they never wanted to tell us that. They just said everything's under control," she said.

Achille police say the student was taken into custody and is undergoing a mental health examination. Charges are pending.