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Latest on Migrating Birds at Hagerman


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Texoma is in the middle of winter so many may be wondering about the birds migrating to and from the area.

This year the two main type of geese, the snow goose and the ross goose, started coming in mid-November of last year.

Dick Malnory who has volunteered with the Hagerman Refuge says the geese this year have been somewhat affected by the drought.

"The geese came in like seven thousand at a time. We had planted 300 acres of wheat for them. Well, they came and ate it all up and there was no rain for it to keep growing so the geese have had to go on because there's no food. So we are down now to...well, we saw what about one thousand to fifteen hundred out there today."

The drought unfortunately has made many of the geese fly elsewhere.  Of the original 6,000 to 7,000 geese they now have about 1,000 to 1,500 left.  

Despite the lack of water, Malnory says they do have a way to help other birds.

"We have the capability of pumping water into what we call our moist soil units for the dabbling ducks but we don't have big deep areas for the diving ducks like the ruddles and the buffal heads and those but the pin tails, the shovelers, the malards, the green-winged teal, there's still a few of those around but not in the big flocks like we've seen in the past."

Malnory says it won't be until about mid-February, early March the geese will begin their journey back to the north.

"So we have more migrations coming in, the shore birds will be migrating through, then we'll have the big waders that will be coming in and staying here. They will feed here. So the egrets and the herons will be coming here in the spring and the shore birds will be passing through and then all our song birds will start coming back."