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Van Alstyne man arrested for child pornography


VAN ALSTYNE, TX - People in a Van Alstyne neighborhood are in shock tonight after one of their neighbors was arrested on child pornography charges.

Just hours after a neighbor's arrest, a lot of the people we talked to are still trying to deal with mixed of shock and disgust.

"Kids are next door, kids across the street, kids next door there, kids behind us over here in the Government houses, there's kids every where."

"I mean I don't want him down the street from us, I'm appalled."

Parents who live around the 400 block of Nunnalee Street in Van Alstyne, Texas say they'll be keeping a much closer eye on their kids from now on, after hearing one of their neighbors was arrested on child pornography charges.

"Now I feel like I have to keep him inside and he can't be a regular little boy and just go and play with his friends."

On Friday morning police arrested 33 year old John Hollingsworth from his home on this street, after executing a search warrant that they say led them to child pornography.

Detectives had been investigating him for a while.

"I think they have a bit of a false sense of security when it comes to law enforcement coming and knocking on their door," said Sherman Police Sergeant D.M. Hampton.

Neighbors say it's scary to think about, this man lived on their street where their kids play outside every day.

"Very shocked, it's our street, I mean she goes down and plays with her friends a couple of houses down, it's just really upsetting."

Those who know Hollingsworth say they're shocked, but they say it just goes to show, you never really know your neighbors.

"Totally surprised, because I've met the man and he seemed like an honest, decent fellow you know."

If he's convicted, Hollingsworth could get up to 20 years in jail, a $10,000.00 fine, and he would have to register as a sex offender.