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Man Robs Gas Station In Denison


DENISON, TX-- A man walked into a shell gas station in Denison shortly before three p.m. Thursday and tried to steal lottery tickets.

Delivery truck driver, Brandon Bond was walking into the station and stopped the alleged thief from getting away.

"I'm a little shaken up, no one expects to get into an altercation while they're trying to work. We kind of just met right at the door, and he knocked over my sack of beer and instinct took over and I tackled him without hesitation," Bond said.

Bond said the man was much bigger, and it took him and the store manager to hold the man down. The driver said he paid a price when the man bit him in the arm, but said it was worth it.

"I got a little bite mark on my arm, he kind of bit me kind of hard."

The manager said the man walked into the gas station and went to the restroom. Shortly after that he came out asking for paper towels. The manager then went to the back to get some, and that's when he said the man grabbed the lottery tickets. The manager yelled for help, and the delivery driver stopped the thief at the door.

"Second nature took over and I wouldn't have thought about twice about doing it over again," Bond said.

According to the manager, a customer blocked the door with his trick and called the police. He said the alleged thief was very angry and cursing while he and the delivery driver held him down, even threatening to kill them both.

Lt. Mike Eppler of Denison police did not release the suspects name and said he did not have any weapons on him.

"It's still under investigation right now, but we do have the suspect in custody at this point for robbery," Eppler said.