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Driver Leads Sherman Police On Chase Around Town


SHERMAN, TX -- A police chase throughout the city ended in front of the Grayson County Courthouse with two people under arrest, after police say the driver took off from a traffic stop.

It started around 12:30 p.m. when police say an officer nearly had the pickup truck pulled over near the Texoma Educators Federal Credit Union on West Lamar Street. The chase went east, then back west of Highway 75, where at one point, police say the suspect hit another car at Ricketts and Freeman.

Police arrested Roy Sample, 37, and Lacy Adams, 30, after approaching the truck with guns drawn when it stopped in front of Knight Furniture with one flat tire.

"I saw several of them coming up Lamar Street right here, there's 5 or 6 cop cars chasing this one truck and gets up a little further and I said that's the same guy, that's the same truck that went by a while ago," says witness Roy Stephenson.

According to police Sgt. D.M. Hampton, each suspect faces several charges including tampering with evidence, after police say they threw drugs out of the truck.