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Hilltop Haven says Medicaid cuts causing it to close


GUNTER, TX -- Nearly 100 senior citizens are now searching for a new place to live because the nursing facility they're currently at is shutting down.

Hilltop Haven in Gunter, Texas has been in business for 65 years. A representative tells us deep Medicaid and Medicare cuts over the past two years are the reason it's finally going out of business.

Families have been showing up at Hilltop Haven to meet with staff to discuss plans to relocate their loved ones. They received notice about the closure by phone and writing this week.

Staff was notified in a meeting Wednesday.

About 100 seniors live at the facility. It specializes in the care of Alzheimer patients.

Teresa Scott, a representative for Hilltop Haven, tells us cuts to their revenue compounded over the past 18 months, including a 11% cut in Medicare and a 3% cut to Medicaid.

They say they downsized and even tried selling the business, but eventually ran out of options.

"There were tears," she said. "We walked by faith through this and many prayers being a Christian organization really sought God's guidance through this but when every door seemed to close we found it necessary."

A job fair will be held in the coming weeks for Hilltop Haven's 125 employees.

The facility's parent non-profit organization -- Christian Care Centers -- also runs two other nursing homes in the Dallas area. Scott says those locations are not at risk of closing.

Hilltop Haven is set to shut its doors March 16th.