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Gun Store Reacts To President Obama's Gun Proposal


DENISON, TX---Today, President Obama addressed the nation making a call for stricter gun regulations. His proposal included 23 executive actions that he hopes will reduce gun violence and incidents like the one in Newtown, Connecticut. Now, the threat of tighter gun control laws has made it harder for some people to buy guns because demands are so high.

However, one local gun store owner in Denison said he doesn't think it will effect his business, at least not for now. Business is good at American Armament in Denison. So good, that most of their shelves are bare.

Justin Barrett, a store worker, said sales have shot up since talk about possible gun restrictions has grown louder and they simply can't keep up.

"We don't really have anything on the shelves as you've noticed. It's been continuous. Sales have just been crazy," Barrett said.

Barrett also said that President Obama's push for tighter gun control is a big part of the reason.

"Everyone's afraid that fire arms are going to be taken away from them, so they want to acquire the firearms now before they either get banned or before it's just near impossible to get them," Barrett said.

Under the new proposal, Obama is calling for a ban on assault-type riffles and is trying to place a 10-round limit on magazines.

"I don't think it's going to make a dent because most of the guns used in crime are stolen anyway. If it was stolen or illegally obtained, those people aren't going through a background check anyway," Vansant said.

Some local residents agree.  

"I think bad people will be bad people regardless of what kind of crime they're going to commit. When they're stealing the guns, they don't go through the same things that everybody else goes through," Denison resident Ginnie Ammons said.