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Howe searches for new police chief


HOWE, TX - The city of Howe, Texas has been without a police chief for about a month now, but that will soon change. Tuesday night the city council started combing through a stack of applications, hoping to find the right person for the job.

As the saying goes, there will soon be a "New Chief" in town.

Mayor Jeff Stanley says they've got a lot of very qualified applicants, and that's got a lot of residents excited about the possibilities.

Mayor Stanley and the Howe City Council have an important decision to make.

"I think we got a good pool, we've got lots of experience, several that have master peace officer, we wanted that," said Stanley.

While they mull over 23 applications for chief of police, just around the corner at a local basketball gym, the mood is hopeful.

"I have a vested interest in the community. I have children here, I work at the church," said resident, Wes Robertson.

As Wes Robertson watches his kids play, he and several other parents say they're thinking about the future of this community they'll grow up in.

"Hoping they can find somebody who's pro community, somebody who wants to see Howe grow, who wants to help Howe stay a safe community," said Robertson.

"I'd like to see someone who's actually involved with the youth of our town, maybe participate in the schools and education issues, and let the kids know they're there to protect them, they're not someone to be afraid of," said Randy Hayes.

Stanley says it's been about 20 years since the city has had to look for a new police chief, and they want to make the right choice.

So Tuesday night they started by narrowing down the applicants.

"I hope we get a good, qualified chief, who has lots of experience that will be with the city for a long time," said Stanley.

Mayor Stanley says Tuesday tonight they narrowed it down to 6 applicants still in the running for chief.

All 6 will interview next week with the mayor and city administrator, then they'll narrow it down again to 3 or 4 candidates who will be interviewed by the council on February 5th.