Denison ISD Flu Update - - No One Gets You Closer

Denison ISD Flu Update


DENISON, TX--- Federal health officials believe this could be one of the worst flu seasons in the past decade. But today, Denison ISD school officials say this season isn't hitting their schools as bad as it is in other areas.

Students at Denison High School say they're taking drastic measures to make sure they don't catch the flu this year.

"I wash my hands regularly and then I have a little hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works. I use that all the time because I'm not trying to get that," Denison High School student Alicia Tanguma said.

"I've been washing my hands a lot and keeping my hands away from my mouth as best as I can," Denison High School student Courtney Clapp said.

Reports of the flu are still widespread in both Texas and Oklahoma, but some local schools say this year a lower amount of students are getting the flu then last.

Yesterday, Denison ISD reported 18% of their student body out sick and even though that sounds like a lot of kids, school officials say it's not just the flu that's keeping students home.

"When we got back from winter break, we saw a lot of cases of the stomach virus," Denison High School's Head Nurse Donna Grubbs said.

So far, the health department hasn't come to campus to give free flu shots to students, but Denison ISD staff members had the opportunity to get a shot if they wanted it.

"We did have time in October when the health department came to school and gave shots to our staff. I'm sure that's been helpful," Denison ISD Superintendent George Hatfield said.  

School officials say they try to give helpful tips on how to prevent the flu from spreading.

Most hallways are equipped with their own hand sanitizing station to help encourage students to disinfect their hands. They say having this around really helps. The CDC recommends using hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.