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Denison Police recruiting for Citizen Police Academy

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DENISON, TX - If you live or work in Denison, and you're looking for a way to get more involved with the community, the Denison Police Department is rounding up new recruits for their Citizen Police Academy.

They're basically back up for the Denison Police Department.

They get to go on ride alongs, and assist officers with things like traffic control.

Next month, they'll start a new academy class with new recruits, who of course pass background checks.

"Being able to be extra eyes and ears for them."

Paula Gurak is a Citizen Police Alumni for the city of Denison, and she absolutely loves it.

"We have an opportunity to provide assistance to our department, who provide protection for our community, and we have fun doing it," said Gurak.

Gurak and her husband joined the Citizen Police Academy 2 years ago, and now she's hoping to get others to do the same.

"It is a way for us as citizens, not only to find out what they do, but to also assist in giving back to the community for the service that they provide for us as well," Gurak said.

"A lot of times they're indispensable, when ever we get into situations where we need an extra hand," said Denison Police Lieutenant F.C. Tillman.

And that's something people like Gurak are happy to give, and sometimes that extra hand, well it can be really handy.

"When there was a fire, we were able to help direct traffic so that freed up officers to do other things that they needed to do," said Gurak.

So being a part of the citizens police academy means you don't have to carry a gun or wear a badge to back the blue here in Denison.

So what exactly do they do? Their duties can include anything from helping out in the office, to traffic control and of course ride alongs.

Can it be dangerous?

"The officers do everything that they can to maintain our safety at all times, if there's ever an issue, we are not in harms way, they do not put us in harms way," said Gurak.

Applicants must pass a background check.

The academy is twelve weeks and it's free. For more information visit the link below.