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Texas Rangers Winter Caravan Visits Denison


DENISON, TX -- The Texas Rangers Winter Caravan made its way to Denison on Monday to present the Boys and Girls Club with a very special grant. The Rangers Baseball Foundation has donated $9,975 to the club to help them build a new baseball field.
"It just gives you a better appreciation for the game, playing on a better field, it just feels better. You get more true baseball. And to be able to provide that for them is really great," Rangers pitcher Tanner Scheppers said.

Along with presenting the grant, Rangers pitchers Justin Grimm, Tanner Scheppers and First Base coach Dave Anderson answered questions from the kids and signed autographs for all their young fans.

"Just to see they kids' faces. They want your autograph, its pretty surreal. I was one of them at one point, I went to a Boys and Girls Club as a kid," Scheppers said.

Along with a new baseball field the grant will also go toward starting baseball and softball camps and leagues for children in the area who have never had the opportunity to play baseball.

"Its very important. I remember they asked the question, 'how many of y'all play baseball?' and not many raised their hand. So I think it'll be great for them to have a baseball field to come out here and learn the game," Rangers pitcher Justin Grimm said.

For the programs first year, the Boys and Girls Club of Denison is expecting to have at least 200 children play in the league and 150 players participate in the camps.

The field is expected to be finished by next week, with the league starting at the end of February.


For more information you can contact Ron at 903-465-9008 or come by the Club at 2100 S. Mirick across from the high school baseball field.