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Ravia Store Sells $2 Million Lottery Ticket


RAVIA, OK -- It is a lotto dream come true for a person who bought a ticket in a small town, and now everyone wants to know who bought the winning ticket worth $2 million.

For most people, being a millionaire will always remain a dream, but for someone who bought a lottery ticket at the E-Z Mart in Ravia, it is a big time reality.

While gassing up his tractor for a ride to the repair shop on Friday, farmer James Clifton said he is one of those who does not play. "I've got to work too hard for my money, it's just a gamble anyway, they tell you one in ten million chances," says Clifton.

But that does not even those who do not play, from thinking about what they would do with so much money. "Retire," says Clifton.

"I'd buy some land, I'd build my own house on it the way I wanted it, and I'd build me a shop and have it all paid off and then I might put some college funds back for the kids," says William Smith.

The ticket sold here Wednesday night did not have the correct Powerball, but it did match five numbers, and it had the Power Play option, which doubled the prize, from $1 to $2 million.

"If I won two million, I would probably go buy a new home and a new car, and then share some with my kids and my grandkids," says resident Janie Garrison.

Many people say they would pay all their expenses, and then get generous, giving money to charity, and family members.

"Pay all my bills off and put the rest in the bank, and draw off the interest and live off that," says one Ravia resident.

"Pay off bills, get life a little comfortable, and get us down by the ocean for a while, take a nice little vacation," says a Tishomingo resident.

Another $1 million winning ticket was also sold in the Tulsa suburb of Owasso on Wednesday. The winner has 178 days left to go to Oklahoma City and claim the prize.