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Arrest Leads To Madill Tag Agency Temporarily Closing


MADILL, OK -- The arrest of a tag agent means the Tag Agency here is closed, at least for now.

Frank Wilhite, 56, faces several charges including drug possession, driving under the influence,  and carrying a firearm while under the influence. On December 28, police stopped Wilhite on Third Street and Burney.

According to court documents, officers found marijuana, two glass smoking pipes, and a pistol in the car. Wilhite posted $28,000 bond. A status hearing is set for January 24.

The Tag Office that Wilhite runs has been closed since last Thursday. We checked with the DA's Office in Marshall County, we were told that according to Title 47... "Whenever a motor license agent is charged with a felony.. The tag office will close immediately.. So the state auditor and inspector can conduct an audit.. And forward the report to the tax commission for review."

Depending on if they find anything wrong, will depend on when the office will re-open and whether the Tax Commission itself will take over operation.

For exact wording of Title 47 Section 1140 Subparagraph D click on this link: