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Bryan County Receiving More Flu Shots


BRYAN COUNTY, OK--- Flu season is here and it's hitting states hard from coast to coast, especially Oklahoma. Eight people have died so far in the state.

Today health officials at the Bryan County Health Department say they've seen a record number of people coming in for flu shots. As of right now, they're completely out of them, but they say more are on the way.

Phones have been ringing non-stop lately at the Bryan County Health Department.

"We've had probably over 200 phone calls today and about 50 walk-ins just today," Bryan County Health Department worker Christi Malone said.

Workers at the health department say everyone's looking for one thing.

"There's been a high demand for flu shots here in Bryan County," Bryan County Health Department worker Jermeie Fisher said.

"Everybody is concerned about getting the flu," Malone said.

Paxton Ezell was searching for a shot Thursday because she says she's considered at high-risk for the flu.

"I have asthma," Ezell said. 

She says her asthma caused her to have a bad reaction to the flu once before.

"It hurt a whole lot and I couldn't breath," Ezell said.

Now, she says it's imperative that she gets a shot.
However, there's a problem.

"We are currently out of flu shots," Fisher said.

Workers say they've been out of shots since Tuesday, but that help is on the way.

"We've been receiving a high volume of calls asking for them and that's what motivated our Saturday flu clinic," Fisher said.

This Saturday, the health department will get in a shipment of about 600 vaccines and will be administering them during their clinic.

The Bryan County Health Department's flu clinic will run from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday. The shots will be given out on a first come, first serve basis.

Since the demand for shots is so high, workers say they don't expect supplies to last.

At the clinic, they'll have 70 shots for ages 6 months to 18 years, 400 shots for ages 18 to 64 and 150 shots for ages 65 and up. Health officials say if you can't make it to the clinic, don't worry.

"We're expecting some more shipment to come in next week," Fisher said.

Health officials say many parts of Texas are also experiencing shortages of the flu shot.
Today, workers in Bryan County say they're more then welcome to come to Saturday's clinic.