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Emergency Personal Take Training to New Heights


BRYAN COUNTY -- Firefighters and other first responders endure countless hours of grueling training to be prepared in case of any emergency. Now some firefighters in Bryan County are taking their training to new heights.

For the past several years Chief Brandon Hall has taken his team of West Bryan County firefighters to a landing zone class. In this class his crew is able to get training for emergency situations.

"So they learn about landing the helicopters because on average we probably land 25 to 30 helicopters a year."

Paramedic, Brent Coen explains what his flight crew does.

"We provide LZ which is landing zone classes to all the area EMS agencies that's part of what Air Evac does."

The class is important for firefighters and emergency personal for a number of reasons.

"They are kind of the eyes and ears for that helicopter before they get here telling them where hazards are and things to watch out for so that way we get, so not only are we safe but the safety of the helicopter and the safety of the patient," as Brian Norton, who is the Deputy Director of Bryan County EMS, explains.

The class first started outside with the crew seeing the helicopter land. Then the Air Evac flight crew showed the class the helicopter and how the landing zone is set up.

"In the event that we have a major incident where we need to take someone from Bryan County and send them to one of our major trauma centers like in the Dallas/Fort Worth area," explains Norton.

"We've had motorcycle wrecks where the patient needed to be flown out because of neck injuries and head injuries. Car wrecks .. same thing, just anything where there is a lot of head trauma," says Hall.

The class is a lot of fun for the Air Evac crew and those there to learn.

"It's a great job," says Boen

"The helicopters, the medics, the pilots they love all of it," says Hall.