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CDC Reports Show Worsening Flu Season


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX---The Centers for Disease Control is saying this year's flu season could be one of the worst on record. As of last week, they have tracked at least 2,200 hospitalizations and 18 deaths among children. They say the flu is widespread in 41 states, including Texas and Oklahoma.

Jack Ridgeway was just one of the many people who came through the Grayson County Health Department Wednesday afternoon looking to get a flu shot.

"I'm getting ready to get on an airplane and fly to California. I'll be in a large meeting with a lot of people and about half of those people have young children, so they could very easily be a factor to carrying the virus," Ridgeway said.   

Luckily, shots here are still available for his age group. Health department workers say some of their supplies are running low. Currently, they're out of shots for the six-months to two-years age range and aren't sure if they'll receive more this season. They're also out of shots for ages three and up, but will be getting more shots soon.  

"We have ordered them and hope to have them in by late afternoon tomorrow for ages three and older," Grayson County Health Department R.N. Denise Wardell said.  

The intradermal shot for ages 18 to 64 and the high-dose shot for ages 65 and above are still available. Health officials say the reason for the shortage is an unusually high number of flu cases.

"It's much heavier this year then expected," Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Wilson N Jones' Frank Widerman, M.D., FACEP said.

Doctors at Texas Health Presbyterian Wilson N Jones say they have been overwhelmed by people coming in within the last week.

"We've had a lot of people all day long, the whole shift, all ages, six-months to 80 years old with influenza and other illnesses that are common this time of year," Widerman said.

They say the hospital and emergency room are packed with patients.

"The extra flu this time of year makes us completely full," Widerman said.

It's not just their hospital that is full.

"Plano has been full and McKinney. I tried to transfer a critical patient to Parkland and Southwestern and they were both full. They just couldn't help us," Widerman said.

However, if you do have flu-like symptoms or other illnesses, don't worry, you won't be turned away. The wait just might be a little longer then expected.

Here are the Grayson County Health Department Flu Shot locations:

Sherman Office Location:
515 North Walnut St.
Sherman, Texas 75090
(903) 893-0131

Denison Office Location:
205 North Houston
Denison, Texas 75021
(903) 465-2878