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Silo Voters Rejected School Bond In Close Vote


SILO, OK -- School officials in one Bryan County district are re-evaluating their options after voters spoke their minds, rejecting a bond proposal for the fourth time in the past year.

On Tuesday, Silo residents voted down a school bond and school administrators now plan to meet and decide what to do next.

A total of 54 percent of voters approved the $2.3 million bond, which would have created 16 new classrooms to meet the needs of a growing enrollment of more than 800 students. The bond would have needed a supermajority of 60 percent to pass.

"I have an average of 25 kids per classroom in this building, and when you put 25 kids in a pie-shaped room, it's crowded," says Silo High School principal Mike Palmer.

Palmer says he did research and found only three other states require more than a simple majority to improve a school bond, West Virginia, North Dakota, and South Dakota.