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3 arrested after police chase on 75


CALERA, OK -- The chase began in Calera shortly after 4am Wednesday.

Police say 23-year-old Katie Wise refused to stop when officers tried to pull her over for an expired license plate.

Police say Wise headed south on 75 so they radioed for back up from Colbert police. Officer David Boes says he got in front of Wise's vehicle to try to slow her down. Instead, Officer Boes says he was rear-ended at 70-miles per hour, and the chase continued south on 75.

Officer Boes says scrapes on the side of his cruiser are from being side-swiped. This time, he says he was hit in the middle of the Red River bridge, pushing him into the bridge railing. Twelve minutes after the chase began, Colbert police say it ended on Maurice Avenue in north Denison.

Officer Boes went to a local hospital with whiplash, and should be okay.

Wise, along with a passenger, Elizabeth Burson, and a third woman were arrested.

Denison police say they were in possession of meth.