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Denison family angry about loved one's damaged grave


DENISON, TX - A Denison family says years of neglect and destruction at their loved one's grave site in Fairview Cemetery has made visiting it a painful experience, over and over again. They say they're fed up, and something must be done.

"I loved my dad and I wish he wasn't gone, but out of respect when I do go see him, I would like it to be nice."

Elaine Bullard's father died more than 12 years ago, but today she's crying about the place where he's been laid to rest.

"It hurts it makes me feel bad, because it's not just my dad, it's everybody else out there too."

She says he was buried in the county region of Fairview Cemetery in May of 2000, and every time she has visited over the years the area where his headstone lies, is in a disgraceful mess.

"Things torn up, grave yards ran over, pushed completely away from their marker spots, there's been graves that have been completely in pieces," said Bullard.

"Head stones moved and knocked over."

Becky Hunt says her husband's grave site is a heartbreaking sight to see.

She's says a veteran who served his country should be treated better.

"If you drive around there you'll see that a lot of the cemetery is kept up but back there by the barn they just don't care," Hunt said.

So we followed the family out to the grave to see for ourselves.

So out here in what is referred to as the county burial site, not only can you see what looks like tractor marks all around this area, you can also see some of these graves have been displaced, it looks like something drove through here and right here you can see this grave out of place.

"They're just not caring, they've had no respect for anybody's grave back there." said Hunt.

Hunt and her daughter believe Fairview groundskeepers have no respect for the people buried in the county area of the cemetery.

"I know we couldn't bury my dad in a good spot, you know get his own grave sight, but at least out of respect keep up that area too for those people and their loved ones," Bullard said.

The family says they've complained to the Fairview Cemetery Superintendent many times over the years and Tuesday we talked to him too.

He didn't want to talk to us on camera but said people visiting the cemetery sometimes drive over graves.

He did admit that sometimes when his groundskeepers mow the area, they might accidentally move headstones out of place.