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Denison Gets New State-of-the-Art Fire Engine

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DENISON, TX -- Firefighters are proud of a new fire truck that just rolled into their station, saying it gives them the ability to better respond to fires and accidents.

Assistant fire chief Bill Ray says the 2011 E-One pumper has several special features, including headphones, LED spotlights, and the ability to carry two types of foam for both chemical and structure fires.

It also carries extra water, pumps faster, and has more room in the back for firefighters, and gives the department a total of six main fire engines.

"Everybody loves the truck. It's very firefighter friendly, and it also increases safety for the firefighters. It has an on-board computer that can sense if the truck is turning over," says Ray.

The new truck cost $373,000, and came at a discount because it was initially taken by another fire department and then used as a demonstration model. Firefighters will keep the aging truck it replaces as a back-up.