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Wounded veteran loses therapy dog


COLBERT, OK - A year ago he was injured and lost a close friend while serving his country overseas.Now back home in Oklahoma, Colt Floyd, has suffered another loss of a friend. One who was helping him on his road to recovery. Now this veteran says he'll do anything to get her back.

"She has the bright blue eyes, she would respond to her name, she's a very smart dog very attentive dog."

Her name is Marley.

She's a one year old miniature Australian Shepherd, and some would say she's Colt Floyd's best friend.

Floyd is a wounded veteran, and Marley is his therapy dog.

"She goes everywhere with me, she does everything with me," said Floyd.

But Marley has been missing since last Thursday, when Floyd stopped at this bar in Colbert to see some friends.

When he came outside he says his tail lights were busted and his passenger window broken, and Marley was gone.

"She's just a really sweet dog and has been a really big part of my recovery."

And that recovery has been not only physical but mental, having to accept the loss of a soldier and a friend, he was very close to on his last tour in Afghanistan.

"We were attacked in the front of our patrol and behind our patrol with rockets, I took shrapnel, my hip and my armpit," said Floyd.

After the pain he suffered in Afghanistan serving his country, Floyd is just ready to move forward, but not without Marley.

 "She's a big part of me, very attentive dog, I just want her back."

Floyd says he's not even really concerned about the damage to his truck, he just want's Marley back.

If you have any information on her whereabouts call 580-916-6517.