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Funding for domestic violence programs could be at risk


GRAYSON CO. -- In the shuffle of the fiscal cliff, federal assistance for victims of domestic abuse seems to have slipped through the cracks. Until now, the Violence Against Women Act has been reauthorized every year by Congress since 1994. The US Senate approved the bill last April.

But House republicans would not support the bill after it was changed to include gay, Native American and illegal immigrant victims of domestic abuse.

The Crisis Center in Grayson County says it could lose up to 25% of its funding if the issue isn't resolved.

"We serve about 800 people in Grayson County every year, and so, that's huge, we need to be here. Grayson County needs to have us here so the victims need to not fall through the cracks as Congress tries to work out their differences," Rachel Morgan, executive director of The Crisis Center said.

Congress has until March to act before funding for organizations, like the Crisis Center, is cut off.