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Sherman Residents Dump Old Christmas Trees


SHERMAN, TX -- Last week, they were the stars of living rooms across Texoma, but this week they are just trash, as people dispose of their old Christmas trees.

Several people dropped off old trees at the Citizen Collection Center on Saturday. They have not seen a lot of trees coming through yet this year, but they are expecting more.

"That's free as long as they're plain, they don't have nothing on them. If there's stuff on them and they don't want to take it off, I'll have to charge them regular," says employee Marvin Lietz.

The drop-off site is at 811 South East Street near the railroad tracks and will be open Tuesday and Thursday from 3 to 5 p.m. 

Sherman garbage collectors will also pick up your tree through the monthly Monday morning brush pick-up, which varies by neighborhood. Lietz says the old trees will be turned into mulch.