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$25,000 surprise for Fannin County woman


SHERMAN -- Cheryl Haynes says she never saw it coming.

With tears in her eyes, she was handed a check for $25,000 outside the Sherman warehouse where she works.

"It's just an answer to prayer," she said. "You don't know how much this means to me. I really appreciate it."

Haynes' name was pulled in a grand prize drawing held by Neighborhood Credit Union. The Dallas-based business gives out prizes to customers as an incentive to save money in a savings account with the credit union.

"In this particular economy, you've got to make sure you've got your rainy day fund," Carolyn Jordan with Neighborhood Credit Union said.

A crew with the credit union films each surprise and came to Sherman to make the delivery in person.

Since there are no branches in the Texoma area, Jordan says it's a reward for long-distance loyalty.

"We hope she's going to be excited. I think she's going to be excited, and I think she will be very, very pleased," Jordan said.

While each winner is aware they've won a prize, Jordan says how much the check is worth is a secret.

The $25,000 couldn't have come at a better time for Haynes. Recently, she says she was forced to dip into her savings to pay off a pile of debt that until now had her on the verge of losing her home.