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Denison High School's Jordan Taylor Back on Break


DENISON, TX--- Two former Denison football stars are back home on break after finishing up their college football seasons. College sophomores Jordan Taylor and Jimmay Mundine say it's good to be home.

After scoring three touchdowns, taking home a win and being named Most Valuable Player at the Armed Forces Bowl, Rice University's sophomore wide receiver Jordan Taylor, says life's pretty good right now.

"Getting the MVP at the bowl game was really cool. It was pretty surreal. I didn't expect all that to happen," Jordan said.

Now that the craziness is over, he's back in Denison, getting some much needed rest and relaxation.

"I'm just hanging out with a lot of my really close friends, hanging around the house and spending some time with my family because I haven't been home for five months up until the game," Jordan said.  

He says one thing he always looks forward to is being reunited with his best friend Kansas University's sophomore tight end Jimmay Mundine.

Jordan and Mundine are two former Denison High School football players who have quite the reputation around town.

"When you hear Denison all you think about is Big Ten, Jordan Taylor, Jimmay Mundine and DJ Jones," current Denison High School football player Josh Hicks said.

The two hold several records at Denison High School and their pictures are all over the Denison High School gym.

"They're role models because they're always working hard and they were here everyday," current Denison High School football player Devon Blanton said.

The two have been best friends since the 9th grade and helped to take Denison to the 5th round of the 2009 Class 4A Texas state semifinals. Now, they say they come to the gym to reflect on good times.

"I would say senior year was definitely the best year. There are just so many memories of football and workouts and early morning practices and just good times," Mundine said.  

While there are still big things in store their future, every break, they say they'll be right back in the town they love most.