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Getting Fit at the Top of New Year's Resolutions


DENISON, TX--- The new year brings new resolutions and for many people, that means a promise to get fit. Getting fit is always a popular resolution. A lot of times it can be hard to keep, but that didn't stop dozens of people from hitting the gym today.

The year 2013 is off to a running start. Today, Jayme Lott was just one of the dozens of people at Nautilus Fitness looking to start the new year on the right foot.

"I'm just always looking to get stronger, healthier and motivated," Lott said.  

This year, she says she has many reasons for coming to the gym.

"Better health as I get older and just overall body health and strength. I want to look better too," Lott said.

Robbie Mattingly is also jumping on the fitness kick. Wednesday, he joined the gym.

"I joined to try and get in better shape and stay mentally and physically ready, you know, to deal with everyday life and just be able to take care of myself and my family," Mattingly said.

He says the way he feels after working out is well worth the sweat.

"When you're not physically fit it takes a toll on you physically and mentally," Mattingly said.

Apparently, he's not the only one who feels this way. Wednesday the gym saw many new faces.

"We've had seven new memberships and the parking lot is packed and more people are still coming in," Nautilus employee Ryan Taylor said.

Over the next few months, the gym owner says he expects to see 250 people to come through his gym a day. But will these resolutions last?

"I mean this gym will be busy for a couple months and then it won't be," Dr. Steve McAnany said.

"Every year it's the same, the first of January people are here in full force and then every March it's back down to normal," Nautilus employee Nan Dilday said.

Despite the good intentions, a study by the University of Scranton shows that just 8% of people who make goals actually keep them through the year.