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Big Plans in Davis for the New Year


DAVIS, OK--  The new year started off with a boom of projects and city improvements in Davis.

Leaders at the Davis Chamber of Commerce say their plans for the new year have them pretty excited.

"Excitement that's a good word to use, we're looking forward to new things happening, we have several business that are going to be locating here this year in the City of Davis and we are excited about those, and some new ones that are going to be opened" says Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Janet Mathis.

Some things taking place include, City Hall getting a new home which will soon be the former home to the First National Bank which has a building under construction.

"It's exciting for the bank to have a new building and really exciting for our City Hall to have a new place, they have been in a temporary location, not good office space, so they will have a lot of good office space and it will work well for us" says Mathis  

New restaurants and grills are opening, the Chamber will be hosting great events this year, but there's another big project that has the community excited about water.

"We're getting a new water plant which should be in operation September or October this year, with the new water plant it will have all of the up to date technology, well be able to provide our customers with not only better quality, but we'll have a lot more quantity" said Public Works Director Bert Curtis, Jr.

The city is also going to be getting a face lift in a few areas.

"We're working on decorative street lights, we will upgrade our street lights to help with the tourist industry, and also redoing our sidewalks to make them more user friendly, and make a better atmosphere and aesthetics to make our town look good" said Curtis, Jr.

Although it's a busy time in Davis, it looks like 2013 will be pretty good for the city

"We've got a lot going on, we're really excited about the upcoming year" said the Chamber Director.