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Fireworks illegal inside city limits


DURANT -- For Jeff McQueen, the new year won't officially begin until he can set off at least one firework.

"Launch fireworks to scare away the bad spirits from a bad year, And last year has been pretty rough on everybody," he said.

It's why he's stocking up at Fireworks World near Calera, where Dena Hammond is the manager. Hammond says snow and rain over the past week hasn't hurt sales.

"I'm ahead," she said. "I've been doing really well, and it's ahead more than last year so we're excited about that."

But wet weather doesn't mean you're off the hook if you're caught setting off fireworks inside city limits.

Fireworks are still only legal in the unincorporated areas of Grayson and Bryan Counties.

The Dennison fire department says those ringing in the new year with fireworks still need to use caution and keep water nearby.

"Be safe, use common sense," Bruce Geilhausen with the Denison Fire Department said. "Don't use fireworks around combustible material, not close to houses, or barns anything like that. Have fun but just be safe."

Jeff McQueen says he plans to, and says clearing skies means beginning new years off with a bang.

"I want to have some sort of loud noise to help make a fresh year this year," he said.