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Sherman Restaurant Appears On TV Show


SHERMAN, TX -- Customers tuned in to see their favorite restaurant featured on the premiere of a new cable show, and the restaurant employees are savoring their moment in the spotlight.

The day after its national debut on television, it was business as usual at Cackle & Oink BBQ on Texoma Parkway on Friday. "I like the chicken and the brisket," says customer Peggy Schulze.

"It's got an unusual flavor. We eat the jalapeno sausage up at work, we like it quite a bit, it's pretty spicy," says customer Chris Padilla.

Padilla says he drives out of his way to pick up lunch here, and now viewers from much further have made a virtual trip, and it all started when co-owner Aaron Vogel says his wife got a call from a producer.

"She said she had Googled us and was looking for a barbecue restaurant in the Texoma area," says Vogel. "I didn't believe it, so I did a little research on who she was and who the production company was."

The next thing they knew, it was all confirmed, and people lined up to take part in the shooting of a new Animal Planet show called "Eating the Enemy."

"We knew what was going on with the show when they were out here, and couldn't make it, but they picked the best spot to have it done though," says customer Ken Miller.

The challenge for the show was to cook a wild boar, and the filming took place for one day back in August, but employees just got to see it on TV on Thursday night like everyone else.

"I watched the show last night. I thought it was fabulous, I thought it was great," says waiter Micah Summer.

Vogel says he has always worked in restaurants and wanted to open his own. The opportunity came when he and his wife relocated closer to her family in Pottsboro. "When we moved to Texas, it was a chance for me to have my own piece of the pie," says Vogel.

Now after eight years in business, many customers are enjoying what Vogel has created, and some could not wait to see how he would do on TV.

"I enjoyed watching Cackle & Oink take the challenge there. They have good barbecue, so you knew the wild boar was going to come out fine," says customer Bob Schulze.

As part of the show, a manager at Cellerman's American Pub took the cameras on a hunt for wild boar, and then Vogel cooked up a boar for the show. The episode will air again on Monday at 10:30 p.m., and on New Year's Day Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. on Animal Planet.