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Post-Holiday Shopping Slows in Sherman


SHERMAN, TX--- The day after Christmas is one of the "Top 5 Shopping Days of the Year" according to ShopperTrak study. Today, several stores at the Sherman Town Center were open, but traffic was slow.

The first snowfall of the year caused many shoppers to stay home. Only a few people braved the ice and many of them were there to return, not to buy.

The holiday shopping season is almost over.

"It went by really fast," JCPenney employee Matt Hamilton said.  

However, many retailers say the holiday frenzy is not.

"It's the day after Christmas, everyone's returning all their gifts so it's been pretty crazy," JCPenney employee Taylor Barrett said.

Return lines were longer then usual at the Sherman JCPenney's as many customers waited to return unwanted gifts.

"I think a lot of people are returning them and getting cash back. They're not really accepting the gifts," Barrett said.  

While the lines were packed, the stores were not.

"People are just not wanting to get out in the cold and the junk is probably why there's not that many people out today shopping," Sandy Riddle said.

Several shoppers say they have less money to spend this year.

"I definitely have a lot less money this year then last year," Jill Foster said.

"I didn't notice as many people getting out and shopping as years past," Riddle said.

Store employees say they can tell. This year's sales were much lower and returns were much higher then previous years.

"I've had five to six carts full just of returns," Barrett said.  

The National Retail Federation says Americans are expected to return $62.7 billion dollars in holiday merchandise. Experts say if you still need to make a return, don't wait too long. This year, several stores have narrowed their returns window.

"We try to keep our return policy a little bit tight, we give customers 30 days after Christmas.  We try to keep exchanges higher then the returns," Dennard's Western Wear employee Brittany Kirby said.